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Suffering While Shooting With Timo Stark

imageThis is “Das German” I’ve been referencing on Instagram the last couple weeks. His name is Timo Stark and yes… he is a dual citizen of America and Germany. His riding ethics are stainless and for a short period at the very beginning of his winter training season I can hang during rides.

This is a Kodak Tri-X 400 film photo document using an Olympus Stylus Epic.imageimageimageimageimageimage


imageThis is my pal Jeronimo Nisa. We ran into each other on a ride. Little did we know at the time that we both were into photography and two wheeled speed machines. After a few conversation paced peddle sessions we found out we had quite a bit in common.

Jeronimo hasn’t been riding long but loves the freedom along with the scenery cycling provides. He quit smoking a little over a year ago and picked up two wheels. Actually, I believe cycling was as driving factor to support quitting smoking. Pretty rad stuff!

This is a photo recap using the Olympus Stylus Epic. GREAT little film shooter!! Really impressed with it. Great for rides!

Make sure to follow along on FOLLY x FILM for further film photo updates.      imageimageimageimageimage

Drinkin’ Buddies in Secret Locations

imageTime for a little honesty session. I love packing my bag with a few adult beverages, riding, and exploring my local area in the hope that I will find amazing locations like this one. I live in a small town in North Alabama and it may appear that this land doesn’t offer the readily available excitement other areas/cities that I frequent regularly, but it really does… you just have to get creative.

Kyle Steed once said “kids today don’t have time to be bored. (Kids are so consumed with schoolwork, soccer practice, and video games.) And it really worries me, because research shows that boredom allows us to develop our sense of imagination and creativity” – via WELD

*Editors Note: I would say that we could replace “kids” with adults as well.

From my perspective… folks get lazy and they lean on the mass opinion that is out there to justify their laziness. Fact, if you don’t care for your current set up (i.e. living location, job, lack of ability to accomplish what you want to be an expert at, etc.)… get bored, ride, create, stay consistent x progressive, MAKE change… don’t WAIT for change.

image(Shots shot with the Olympus 35RC. Small light leak but I kind of like it!)

Photography // Building The Basics, Use Everything!

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 presetI’ve been shooting film photography for less than 12 months. The idea of using film with a low end mechanical camera really intrigued me. I saw it as a challenge I wanted to dominate. Understand light and the technique behind capturing the vibe with film was/is my goal. Let me preface that it does NOT matter what you’re shooting with to capture quality images. Some would say the equipment you use is going to define the quality of photography you provide. I disagree. I believe the quality of photography you provide will be dictated by the understanding of quality photography.

What does quality photography mean? This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. What do you see as unique in an image you’ve captured? In my many iPhone/VSCO edited shots I’ve posted to Instagram and blogged about I’ve come across some I love that have received no significant public response where as other photos I’ve shared that I think will gain minimal response the viewers have gone crazy over.

I’ve become more confident in what I shoot and how I present it. At the end of the day you should be developing photography skills for you… not the approval of the internet. With that said… if you are shooting professionally this rule may not apply. Some of the ideology will remain but you’re under the gun to provide the client with what they hold valuable.

The image above (iPhone / VSCO edit) shows my newest addition to finding that line between low end camera bodies and high end lens’. The Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1.4 / 50mm is by far one killer lens!! I feel very confident shooting with it and that transfers into how/what I shoot. I’ve only gone through 2 rolls using this lens so far. This will increase as soon as the weather warms a bit and BMX/Skateboarders get out a bit more.

I hope your weekend will be killer. Find the unfound and capture the uncaptured.


Explore Everything… K?

imageI’ve been having a blast exploring my local area the last few weekends with no goal of miles ridden or hills climbed; just amped on finding the unfound. I did just that and captured it with this little guy.

These are a few of my favorite random things seen. Go to FOLLY x FILM to check out the dozens more.

imageimageimageThe Destructed

I Got To Hang With Jake Tong

Jake TongBent up1Jake and I meet last year when I was on my first jaunt through the Pacific Northwest. He was cruising through Velo Cult for the Igleheart video shoot. We had a short conversation over a beer and that was it. A few months later he did a rider profile on his site The Wolf’s Mouth and asked if I would share a few shots and info, “but of course” I replied. So obviously we were gonna meet up for round two of FOLLY Invades The PNW.

We bumped into each other after I raced the Cross Crusades PIR race. We talked a bit and I told him about shooting a few photos for the great folks over at Gevenalle. As I’m downing… I mean, drinking a beer post race, Jake comes over and taps me on the shoulder; “Dude come checkout this fork”. I eagerly walkover, camera in hand, and check out this super gnarly bent fork. I still have no clue how it happened but pumped it didn’t happen to me (I believe everyone was ok).

With that said, Jake is currently raising money to photo document a trip across Vietnam.

In FEB 2015 I will be traveling to Vietnam to explore my Hoa Chinese (ethnic Chinese in/from Vietnam) culture. Accompanied by my bicycle and camera I will document the month-long journey. When I return I will display the images I capture at my first ever photo show TBA later in 2015 in Portland, ORE. Through social media & my blog ( I invite everyone to take an intimate look into my family and culture. Please join me on my bike as I discover customs and cuisine, meet local cyclists and ride their routes, welcome the Lunar New Year, and discover the beauty that makes this culture so invaluable.

Funds will be used to help with travel expenses, and taking care of my pets and home while i’m gone.”

Pretty rad project indeed. I hope you’ll go support Mr. Tong.

The Wolf’s Mouth / FOUNDATIONS from The Wolfs Mouth on Vimeo.

Black x White Emotion

226200012857002728570004Kyle look downMy film photography efforts are taking a turn for all things black x white. After reading Ed Templeton’s recent interview on Leica’s blog, I have been inspired to better capture life in a “timeless quality”. Although I’ve only shot two rolls of BxW, they have a depth that resonate with me. I see this as a challenge; more so respecting the feel each image will have. I believe capturing images in black x white film will enhance the emotion of the shot, and that’s pretty powerful.


31870013This weekend killed all other weekends! So much fun having everyone out racing these gravel grinding endurance races!

Last year I hosted this race the weekend before the BAMACROSS series took off. Everyone had a blast and loved stretching their legs over the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge 12 mile loop for 3 laps. I wanted to host it again this year and as I was planning, continually exploring my area for farm lands/refuge sections that are acceptable to race, I came across a second location that was perfect to add on as a second race day.


Day 2 Men’s top 3 (1st Patrick Casey, 2nd Jacob Tubbs, 3rd Hardwick Greg)


Brent Marshall BAMACROSS Director


Arthur Wilke

The new race route was pretty secluded and GPS/Phone service was not present. I’m thankful for all that stuck it out and fought through the poor directions to race Saturdays race. Next year I will make it much less challenging to locate.

With that said, everyone was amped to go dominate new gravel roads! I don’t think anyone at that point had ridden this area. I know very few locally that even knew of the spot we were at… and that was the point. Bring folks out to race the unridden! BAM3188000331870009Last year I hosted one race. This year two. “Consistent x Progressive” is a motto that Kyle and I live by with this thing we call FOLLY. I have no background in race directing and maybe that’s why this was so much fun. There was no pressure or guidelines for the race other than, go out, kill it! and win cool stuff from our very rad sponsors!!  I think we ended up raffling off 10 bad ass prizes and that’s after everyone’s podium prizes!

Below are the race results for both days. The images in this recap are some of my favorite from the 55 film shots that made the cut. Go to FOLLY x FILM and check out the rest (DAY ONE, DAY TWO)!

Race results are as follows:

Saturday October 11th Race


1. Chris Edmunds
2. Chad Hubbard
3. Terry Jacks

1. Sarah Schlapman

Sunday October 12th Race

1st Patrick Casey
2nd Jacob Tubbs
3rd Hardwick Gregg

Mary Morrow


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I’ve Been Abducted

28570025The 2015 Cannondale SuperSix Evo is the first road bike I’ve owned. It has been absolutely mind blowing to call it my own. As you can tell, I don’t own road pedals/shoes for it yet. This problem will be solved shortly.

So… this is a race bike right? From my minimal knowledge of what a race bike is, they are supposed to be stiff, uncomfortable, and aggressive. Cannondale nailed the stiff and aggressive part (both in the best ways) but left out uncomfortable. Although my stem is set up high, so the ride should be a bit more lenient, I figured this set up would still leave me beat down after a dozen miles or so. It was quite the opposite actually. I rode further, faster, longer; with more time in the drops than expected. 28570020I’ve been riding SRAM Red for a couple years now and it has been amazing! When I found out the Hi-Mod 2 only came in Shimano Dura-Ace I hesitated for half of a second. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed, but didn’t realized how much I was going to love Dura-Ace!

When I gripped the Dura-Ace hoods for the first time it was instant love! They are stunning, extremely well put together, and function like a freaking dream! For all that have been riding these amazing levers, you very well know what I’m talking about. For any thinking of switching over from SRAM… don’t hesitate!! Keep in mind that I love SRAM Red goodness on all levels. That should speak to my new found expressed love of Dura-Ace.    2857002328570014I hope you’ve enjoyed my short write up on this amazing blacked out UFO. It will continue to abduct me for many morning sun rises, afternoon hill climbing sessions, and evening sun sets. Big THANK YOU to Blevins Bicycle Co. for carrying rad brands like Cannondale! Thank you Matthew Blevins for building me such a great machine!

Follow along on our Instagram for pre/during/post ride shots of each one of my outings. Some are more visually pleasing than others but my hope is to encourage you fine folks to explore via two wheels as much as humanly possible.

**For a full photo recap on this beautiful machine, go to FOLLY x FILM. I hope you enjoy!


FOLLY Review // The Kammok Roo

All TogetherI’ve had the pleasure of using the Kammok Roo for the last couple weeks. Kyle and I have set up the Roo in all types of city environments to chill, drink coffee, and watch the sun rise/set. The point is not only to chill with friends over a beverage of choice, but to show how easily accommodating the Kammok Roo is in all environments.

The Roo comes in this nice little self containing roll top pouch that keeps it protected from the elements. The pouch is secured to the Roo so you will not have to keep up with it when you pull your Kammok out. What most new people to the Kammok experience will do (wink wink) is open the roll top bag and pull the Roo completely out only to have it flapping in the wind, dangling on the ground getting dirty where your head is about to be. This may not be that big of a deal in some environments, but not all environments are made equal (i.e. I would not want my Roo to be hanging out on the ground where used oil has saturated the concrete).Self contained pouch 1How do you avoid this potential issue?

First make sure your Python Strap’s are set up and secure.Python StrapThen, making sure you have packed your Roo in a manner that the Kanga Claw carabiners are at the top of the pouch (very easy to do), you walk over to one Python Strap, secure the Roo to it, and walk away. Letting the Roo pull itself out of the compression sack until you reach your other Python Strap. Kanga ClawBOOM!! You’re all set up and ready to enjoy your Roo!! All Together1OH! and don’t worry about falling through the Roo, It may feel like taking a leap of faith the first time you get in it, but once you do, you won’t want to get out.

The Roo is “made of Kammok’s proprietary diamond ripstop fabric, LunarWave, the Roo is incredibly lightweight, tear resistant, breathable, and roomy enough for two.” – Kammok

With its 500 lbs. copacity, you’ll be able to fit a small family and the dog comfortably. LunarWave FabricI hope you’ve enjoyed reading my two cents. Go check out Kammok’s Instagram page for other rad snaps! Kyle and I have had the pleasure of taking over Kammok’s account this week, posting out take on the Roo.

Being that I’ve just recently built up our FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB to ride all over the land for bikepacking trips… the Kammok Roo couldn’t have landed in my lap at a more perfect time.

Thanks a ton Kammok!! You guys are nailing it on all levels. Super pumped to see what you come up with next! Cheers!