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FSAAll things rad using film AND digital photography. Really pumped to expand my photography game. Nothing makes me happier than capturing folks, companies goodies, and “the vibe” more than shooting does.



(Editors Note: I am brand new at the digital photography game. I am using the Fuji Film X-E2 in conjunction with the Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 AND c/y Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 for manual shooting [to keep my manual film photography game strong when without said shooters]. Some of the images in the “digital” feed will be edited using VSCOcam… some fresh out of the camera and the editing tools it provides.


Why Not Film?

imageI mean seriously… why not? There are a billion solid affordable film cameras to choose from. This was shot with a cheap Vivitar PS:30 that you could find for less than $10! It was a good place to start understanding the value of film vs. digi, how light will be captured differently, and to be confident in what you are shooting with no instant gratification.

Since using the Vivitar I’ve moved on to the Canon ELAN 7E, that I wasn’t hugely impressed with, and now a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 (fully mechanical) that I LOVE (more on that after I get a few rolls processed)!!

Check out the digi version of the shot above (iPhone x VSCO) to see what I’m talking about. Is one shot/version better than the other? I don’t know… I love them both, but that’s why I took the shot to begin with. My goal is to encourage you fine folks to explore and use film photography to capture what you find.

**OH and… I don’t edit film photos… if the shot sucked then it encourages me to get better! I try to remember my intent with a roll, take a few notes as I’m shooting, and if the outcome isn’t what I was going for then I tweak a few settings in similar lighting situations and push on.

Consistent x Progressive


My First Ride Back

imageBAM! back in the saddle!

So much has happened the last 6 weeks! I have no clue where the time has gone but pumped on the outcome. My time has been sparse as of late and the blog has suffered posts because of it, but no need to fear… great things are in the works that nail it on all levels! 

About a week ago I took my first ride after getting hit by a car. When I don’t ride, my creativity takes a tole… fact. It was interesting to see how I would react in life without riding and all I kept thinking was “this is weird”. I started running more (“this is weird”) and diving deep into projects referenced above.

Some say it might have been perfect timing. The FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB came to completion and currently up for pre-order. This also means that the Surly CrossxCheck I’ve ridden all over the land that was smashed by person not paying attention will be replaced with an amazing American made, hand build #getradmachine (Editor’s Note: Seriously guys… I’m halfway done building my personal FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB up. This thing is killer)!!

With superb amount of energy and only my junkyard fixed gear build available… I took off!!  My plan was to ride down to a river I’ve rode to many times before, crack open a beer, and watch the sun set. I wanted to see how my should would react riding a small 18 miles. The route I took was the same, but I had my eyes geared to finding something I’ve never noticed before, ride/hike it… and that I did. I found this beautiful spot on a railed road overpass that has one HELL of a stunning view of the valley.

imageI hope you guys have had a killer summer so far. Really looking forward to the cross season and thrashing with my FaTRoB. Fun times will be had for sure.