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Another Saturday. Another squish and shoot session. The Fujifilm X100T is still blowing my mind. Can’t get enough of it.

Time to clean the bike and camera, then get read for a little road rippin’ tomorrow. Haven’t done that in a while. I’m preparing for the pain by eating a burrito as I type. Cheers!

Photographer. Who? Me!?

imageAs I continue to pursue this thing called photography I’m constantly looking at different tools to capture the vibe. I’ve been working with @fujifilm_northamerica products for a little less than a year now and am always elated with the results. You can transition from high res/very manicured images too the beautiful film’esk tones I crave. Although some purists will only shoot film photography (and I highly respect that/subscribe to that mentality), Fujifilm shooters are a GREAT alternative if the digital game is the route you’d prefer to go.

Pictured is the X-E2 that has the brains of the X-T1 but in a $500 less body. This was a huge deciding factor for me when scoping out a Fujifilm body. The X-E2 is also lighter and more compact/easier to carry during rides if you want to compare those factors. What you will give up with the X-E2 is the weather resistant seals the X-T1 offers and a couple other manual functions. I very rarely get caught in a situation requiring those ammenities so it’s a non issue for me. Also… Fuji is just now making weather resistant lenses to match the T1. Once they’re more available I could see where I’d want to switch over.

With all that being said… a question I keep asking myself is, when do I call myself a photographer? I like shooting photos. I’ve been paid and featured on dozens of web publications as a photographer. I have not sold any tangible photographs. I have not been formally trained as a photographer. Does this title come with any credentials?

The reason I’m asking these questions is, I see bazillions of folks giving themselves the title of photographer and they present what I consider sub par or way over edited products. I want to obtain the title “photographer” but I don’t know If I deserve it quite yet.

I’m not sharing all of these coffee time thoughts with you to obtain a pat on the back and a “but you are” affirmation comments, it’s just my two cents on an over used word. There are a lot of people making a lot more money than me taking photos, but from my perspective, the images are lifeless and lack the feeling a photo should have. How does that work?

Anyways, I need a caffeinated refill. Thanks for reading my coffee talk. Cheers!


Chris Rost Killz BMX

imageI only had a few minutes to meet up with Chris last week. To be honest, I haven’t really used my new Fujifilm X-E2 and Funijon 35mm lens to shoot any action shots yet so I was pretty amped when Chris and I’s schedules were free to meet up. I thought there was going to be a few limitation comparing the X-E2 Mirrorless to a DSLR from reading a couple reviews, but I couldn’t find any. As you can see, fast action focus is on point! But maybe I don’t have nearly the issues shooting with a slower focusing digital shooter since I transitioned from manual film shooting. Regardless of that fact, I couldn’t be more pleased with Fujifilm products. With each photo shoot I grow more in love!

Go to FOLLY x DIGITAL for more examples of what this little shooter can do! Cheers!




FSAAll things rad using film AND digital photography. Really pumped to expand my photography game. Nothing makes me happier than capturing folks, companies goodies, and “the vibe” more than shooting does.



(Editors Note: I am brand new at the digital photography game. I am using the Fuji Film X-E2 in conjunction with the Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 AND c/y Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 for manual shooting [to keep my manual film photography game strong when without said shooters]. Some of the images in the “digital” feed will be edited using VSCOcam… some fresh out of the camera and the editing tools it provides.