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Laura’s MOTO Super Commuter

Fun bicycles are fun period

After Chris Tavel and I cruised around Atlanta (Chris on his #MOTO ripper) we ended up at a local block party for some good food and high-fives. While doing so, Laura (Chris’ wife) rolled up on what I refer to as a “super commuter”, also a MOTO build. Now… I have no clue who is behind MOTO other than “Jared who is one of my best friends.” per Chris. This undiscovered secret society bad ass frame builder may prefer to stay hidden, only building bicycles for those he deems worth, but I’d love to find out more. Until then… here are a few shots of Laura’s build. I’m in love with it.


Ride Recap with Chris Tavel

imageIt’s always a blast to catch up with Chris and the Loose Nuts Cycles crew. Chris was kind enough to show me around Atlanta, GA and was more than hospitable letting me crash at his casa after a night filled with good times.

Thanks for everything Chris!! Catch you next time!

Dick Lane Velodrome Bro!

GH4 Velodrome from James Bridges on Vimeo.

Many moons ago when I had the pleasure of visiting Loose Nuts Cycles I also got to chill at Dick Lane Velodrome, hang with Jon Woodroof (@twotoneams), Zach Lutz (@cogzillaattacks), and Mae Elizabeth (@MaeElizabethG)! Such a rad weekend. This video brings back all the good memories that weekend. Good times!

Loose Nuts Cycles // Never Not Loose

Loose Nuts

These guys!  They are doing it right on every level.  Loose Nuts Cycles is one of those shops you walk into and feel like you’re already a part of the family.  The shop if filled with very rad wall hung rides that range from brand spanking new, to past builds that have been ridden well and now proudly on display for your viewing pleasure.  The sense of history, miles ridden, and stories to tell is oozing in this place!

I made a comment on Chris Tavel’s (shop owner) Salsa Warbird build via IG (@loosenutscycles) and a couple weeks later… here I am!  Chris and wife Laura hosted me in their home over the weekend with the best of accommodations, whisky, good home cooked food and great conversation!

Last weekend turned out to be a perfect time to visit. The Batdorf & Bronson Velodrome Cup went down Saturday night. A rad massive street closing called Atlanta Streets Alive was on Sunday! Bikes, boards and beers where flying everywhere.  Definitely my type of events all weekend long! Not to mention I got to hook up with Cogzilla Attacks and TwoToneATL!  Those guys are great!

If you are even remotely close to the Atlanta area, Loose Nuts Cycles is a must go to!  I promise if you bring beer you will be treated like a king (or queen).  High fives will be given, tears of joy will be had!

The photos below are my take of the Loose Nuts shop and the weekend’s events.  I hope you enjoy. Oh, and check out our Instagram for other sneak peaks of the weekend’s happenins!  Cheers


Chris Tavel

Chris in le shop

Chair Gnar


Folly Hand on Warbird

LNC Gaurd Dog







And, this about sums it up!

Sums it up


Loose Nuts Cycles // Salsa Warbird

Loose Nuts Cycles just built up this bad ass Salsa Warbird with a custom camo finish!

Salsa Warbird

Photo by TwoToneATL

Salsa Warbird1.bmp

Photo by TwoToneATL

Go to Loose Nuts Cycles and check out the build specs and other rad snaps!

I’ll be heading to ATL Sep 7th-8th to visit the fellas at Loose Nuts. I’m pretty pumped to catch the last pro race at the local Velodrome as well!  If you’re in the area I’d love to cruise and grab a beer.

Happy Friday you goons! I hope you have a good one.