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SILCA Introduces New Impero Ultimate Frame Pump

IMPEROWHOA!! This beauty looks amazing!

“In the 1920’s SILCA revolutionized roadside inflation with the creation of the Impero Frame Fit Pump.  These early pumps used the revolutionary material ‘Duraliminium’ (2000 series aluminum) to replace steel.  Within a few years SILCA pumps could be found on the bicycles of more than 80% of the professional peloton which was then still fully self supported.  Over the next 70 years the Impero would be the most widely used frame pump in the world, introducing further technology advancements, first changing the barrel to Celluloid and later moving the handle and head to Plastic in the 1960’s.

For 2015 we are thrilled to introduce Impero Ultimate, the merging of high tech modern materials and manufacturing with the full aluminum construction and durability that was a hallmark of the original Impero.

Impero Ultimate features a high tech head gasket with unique 2-stage seal to provide ultimate sealing and holding even when compared to lever chuck designs.  Solid aluminum head with brass check valve ensures a lifetime of flawless use, and fully aluminum barrel, handle and piston rod result in a pump that is both competitive in weight with plastic designs while being significantly stronger, smoother and more durable.

Unique FlexWing Silicone bumpers on the head and handle tip are designed to handle tubing diameters from 1″ (25mm) to 2.5” (64mm) using a unique flexible outer wing which adjusts under pressure.  An additional Silicone bumper on the main barrel protects paint, eliminates vibrations and noise, and also acts as a compression lock against the pump handle to keep it from moving unless you want it to.

Impero Ultimate is Manufactured in the USA using Alcoa Aluminum extrusions and bar stock. Impero uses a 19mm diameter leather piston custom manufactured by the same supplier in Milan who has supplied SILCA leather since 1947, and the brass check valve is a modified version of the check valve used in the SuperPista Ultimate.

Impero Ultimate represents the Ultimate in design, functionality, security and longevity.



FlexWing Technology – fits tube size between 1” (25mm) and 2.5”  (60mm)

Silicone bumpers for secure fit and ultimate paint protection

Most efficient inflation of any portable pump – (112 strokes = 100psi size small)

2 stage sealing advanced elastomer head – no fussy leaver to mess with

100% full metal construction – no plastic parts to break, bend, slip or rattle

Weight:  SM: 256gm   –   M:  267gm   –   L:  278gm  –   XL: 289gm

MSRP:  $165




“We are two individuals passionate about cycling, cycling apparel, and the domestic production of everything cycling related. With over 15 combined years in bike shops and designing several cycling apparel brands, we decided it was time to create something of our own. Ringtail is what we think cycling apparel should be.

Absolutely love this! Go to Ride with Ringtail for all the info you want to know about Ringtail.RWRRWR2RWR1RIDE x CREATE

Cycles J Bryant // The BEST Bikepacking Bike Available


“I spent a lot of my younger days camping in the woods near home, backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains and learning just what I needed for survival and even comfort. Countless hours spent geeking out about lightweight and ultralight camping equipment, reading blogs and sites. This heavily influenced the way I approach designing frames and even how I tackle a route” – Joshua Bryant

Go to Cycles J Bryant and read all the details on this bad ass NFD and how you can pre-order yours!! So much heart and soul put into this creation!! Such a RAD machine!!!

Mission Workshop / The Sanction // Limited Release

limited-rucksack-arkiv-closure-3When a pack comes off as just another piece of apparel then you’re most likely working with Mission Workshop. Such clean designs in their bags! I’m really diggin’ this Limited Sanction.

“The Sanction is a compact weatherproof rucksack designed to hold the daily essentials. This latest release of Sanctions are available in three build variations combining popular exterior fabrics with a VX Cordura ripstop with PET waterproof membrane.

Each backpack features the Arkiv® closure system, YKK urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, an internal frame sheet, and an optional waist belt. A large interior zippered pocket fits up to 15in laptops. All Mission Workshop backpacks allow for the addition of single rail Arkiv® accessories on both shoulder straps.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.” – MW

Go to Mission Workshop and check out these sweet rucksack’s in more detail. Jah blessed.

limited-rucksack-arkiv-closure-2 limited-rucksack-arkiv-closure-4 limited-rucksack-arkiv-closure-5 liner-detail

TOPO Designs // Fleece Jacket Review

48730013The Topo Designs Fleece Jacket has become one of my favorite pieces of winter apparel to date. The fit is immaculate, giving you a snug feel that doesn’t limit mobility when climbing around new unexplored places along your hike or ride.

My pal Travis (pictured) was kind enough to sport the Fleece Jacket as well as holster a few adult beverages in the Topo Field Bag while I snapped away. It was great to soak in our surroundings, sharing a few stories as we hadn’t hung out in a while, and watch the sun fall over some canned refreshments.

Go to Topo Designs and check out more details with this jacket. You can also head over to FOLLYxFILM to check out all of the photos taken on this exploration session.

4873001548730017487300184873000448730011RIDE x CREATE

TOPO Designs // Field Bag Review

Topo Pink FarI’ve had the pleasure of using the TOPO Designs blacked out Field Bag for the last couple weeks. I found two stellar locations (pink and yellow) to capture the TOPO Field Bag in all of its black beautiful glory, so I shot both. Not even gonna apologize for it!

I’ve used and reviewed a few bags since FOLLY’s inception, this is the first camera’esk bag thus far. It’s smaller, simple, a no brainer choice to use on the go. It has a padded exterior, if you are housing your camera, you won’t have to worry about it getting dinged up as you cruise from spot to spot.

There is a removable divider about center of the interior that helped keep my camera nicely separated from the canned adult beverages I carried with me on these little excursions.

The velcro front makes securing the Field Bag’s large securing flap simple. The velcro is monkey grip strong so you won’t have to worry after flapping the flap shut and it not securing before you hop on your steed and ride out.

There are compression straps, D rings, and clippable locations all over this little guy!! If need be, you could attach a lot more goodies to the Field Bag upon filling the interior… and that’s what I love the most about it!! The availability to expand and keep it simple at the same time.

At one point I had 6 cans of brewskis, lock, camera, film, and my shades inside. Not an issue to hold it all.

As you’ll see below, there is a removable waist strap. When I got the Field Bag in I took that off immediately thinking I’ll never need it. Shortly after I took off via bicycle to cruise around town I noticed the Field Bag constantly shifting to the front. As this is happening I thought… “oh TOPO… you think of everything”. First thing I did when I arrived at mi casa was throw that sucker back on. For anyone that is going to be using this bag in the field… make sure you have that waist strap in place. You’ll be happy you did.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my few words on this solid American made bag by the great folks at TOPO Designs. Their company as a whole hits home for me, being based out of Denver, CO and creating very solid exploration apparel and bags to assist you in getting out there.

Go to TOPO Designs and check out other shots and info on the Field Bag. I promise you won’t be disappointed you did. Topo Logo Close 2Topo Bottle HolderTopo AmericaTopo Side Pink WallTopo logo close trainTopo Back PadTopo Waist BeltTopo America 2Field Bag Open

Mission Workshop // Black Camo Series Limited Edition Messenger Bag

Black-Camo-Messenger-BagsReally diggin’ this new Black Camo series from Mission Workshop.

“Constructed using MultiCam-black Cordura and equipped with black-metal hardware throughout. These messenger bags feature a weatherproof roll top main compartment which can be used in either the “roll top” mode, or in the traditional “flap down” configuration.

Mission Workshop roll top messenger bags feature quick-access outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, custom aluminum strap hardware, and detachable cross-chest stabilizer. Large zippered pocket fits most 15’’ laptops and any tablet. Larger laptops and devices easily fit in the main cargo compartment.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.”

Go to Mission Workshop and check these bad boys out for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Chrome Industries // City Service Series

“Living the City inspired us to look to those who service it. Our latest LTD Series pays homage to the folks who get us out of fires, get us home, and deliver our paychecks. Introducing the new City Service Series. We took two of our iconic bags and spun them to reflect the styles of Fire Departments, Caltrans and the US Postal Service. Get them while you can. When they’re gone they’re gone.” – Chrome

These are rad! Nice little high five to the folks that we’ve either used their services or seen them working hard for us hooligans.

Go to Chrome Industries and check these out! Made in USA all DAY!

Joshua Bryant // “Musings on the Oregon Outback”

Joshua OO

Photo by Joshua Bryant

I’ve sat down several times to write about my experiences during the Oregon Outback and every time, I feel like words have fallen short of the experience.”

I love reading about Joshua’s experience with the Oregon Outback. As I’m on the cusp of having my FaTRoB built up, reading statements like this, “I rode my FaTRoB prototype during the Outback and I loved it.  Every time I get on the bike, I can’t help but smile at how much fun it is, how it handles and how I love the build”, gets me super amped to thrash on this #getradmachine!

I hope you’ll go check out the full story over on Joshua’s site. Really great insite and photos to go along with it. Cheers!


**Go to our Web Shop to find out more about pre-ordering your FOLLY x BRYANT Edition FaTRoB.