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The Radavist // Massan’s Fresh Low SS Crit Build

Massan by KyleReally pumped to see these shots/read these words by Kyle Kelley on Massan’s fresh Low Bicycles built.

It was a pleasure to ride x shoot with Massan during my last SF trip. Even more so to read a little history on how he’s progressed throughout the years, inspiring folks like you and me.

Go to The Radavist to check out more.


Massan Fluker x Matt Reyes Kill The Tenderloin

The Ride x Create vibe is strong with these two. I was introduced to Massan and Matt a few years back via Chrome Industries. Instantly fell in love with their style and serious skill shooting, skating, and riding; so when I got the chance to high-five AND shoot them in action on the streets of San Francisco, it made for one seriously killer afternoon.

I was blown away by how confident Matt and Massan are bombing through traffic. It’s on a whole’nother level. Timing lights, getting low, staying close, and screaming down steep traffic filled streets like it’s a walk in the park. Pumped on that!

Here are a few shots documenting them, their skill and their steezy steez. I hope you enjoy.

ALSO… head to Massan Fluker and Matt Reyes’ Instagram to keep up on the vibe.