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Photographer. Who? Me!?

imageAs I continue to pursue this thing called photography I’m constantly looking at different tools to capture the vibe. I’ve been working with @fujifilm_northamerica products for a little less than a year now and am always elated with the results. You can transition from high res/very manicured images too the beautiful film’esk tones I crave. Although some purists will only shoot film photography (and I highly respect that/subscribe to that mentality), Fujifilm shooters are a GREAT alternative if the digital game is the route you’d prefer to go.

Pictured is the X-E2 that has the brains of the X-T1 but in a $500 less body. This was a huge deciding factor for me when scoping out a Fujifilm body. The X-E2 is also lighter and more compact/easier to carry during rides if you want to compare those factors. What you will give up with the X-E2 is the weather resistant seals the X-T1 offers and a couple other manual functions. I very rarely get caught in a situation requiring those ammenities so it’s a non issue for me. Also… Fuji is just now making weather resistant lenses to match the T1. Once they’re more available I could see where I’d want to switch over.

With all that being said… a question I keep asking myself is, when do I call myself a photographer? I like shooting photos. I’ve been paid and featured on dozens of web publications as a photographer. I have not sold any tangible photographs. I have not been formally trained as a photographer. Does this title come with any credentials?

The reason I’m asking these questions is, I see bazillions of folks giving themselves the title of photographer and they present what I consider sub par or way over edited products. I want to obtain the title “photographer” but I don’t know If I deserve it quite yet.

I’m not sharing all of these coffee time thoughts with you to obtain a pat on the back and a “but you are” affirmation comments, it’s just my two cents on an over used word. There are a lot of people making a lot more money than me taking photos, but from my perspective, the images are lifeless and lack the feeling a photo should have. How does that work?

Anyways, I need a caffeinated refill. Thanks for reading my coffee talk. Cheers!


Chris Rost Killz BMX

imageI only had a few minutes to meet up with Chris last week. To be honest, I haven’t really used my new Fujifilm X-E2 and Funijon 35mm lens to shoot any action shots yet so I was pretty amped when Chris and I’s schedules were free to meet up. I thought there was going to be a few limitation comparing the X-E2 Mirrorless to a DSLR from reading a couple reviews, but I couldn’t find any. As you can see, fast action focus is on point! But maybe I don’t have nearly the issues shooting with a slower focusing digital shooter since I transitioned from manual film shooting. Regardless of that fact, I couldn’t be more pleased with Fujifilm products. With each photo shoot I grow more in love!

Go to FOLLY x DIGITAL for more examples of what this little shooter can do! Cheers!



Explore Everything… K?

imageI’ve been having a blast exploring my local area the last few weekends with no goal of miles ridden or hills climbed; just amped on finding the unfound. I did just that and captured it with this little guy.

These are a few of my favorite random things seen. Go to FOLLY x FILM to check out the dozens more.

imageimageimageThe Destructed

Photography // Consistent x Progressive

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 7.11.03 AMI know it’s a big no no to self promote yourself… but this is worth it. Not so I recognize my own accomplishments and shove it into your face so you can pat me on the back next time we cross paths but to encourage you to use what you have readily available to accomplish your dreams.

I do this daily… “I can’t do that! I’ve got no support, no means to accomplish the goal, this is going to suck”. I take a step back and just start doing it (“It” the task at hand needing to be accomplished to get to the next step) even though in the back of my mind the doubt demons are punching me in the eyes attempting to get me to quit! “HELL. NO!!” I say to them. This is my dream, I will fail plenty of times on the road to accomplishing it, but at the end of the day… it WILL be accomplished!

I encourage you fine folks to keep pushing your “limits”, identify self prescribed barriers that stop you from accomplishing your goal, stay consistent/progressive, and nail it!! ALL of it! Accept nothing less.

If you’d like to read a little more about the Levi’s x VSCO BMX Commuter project I had the pleasure of capturing Chris Rost in feel free to do so. Thank you for your support!

Ride x Create

Film Photography // Staying Consistent x Progressive

Water drip badBADWater drip goodGOOD

So… like, this isn’t the coolest thing to capture but it did lend the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned so far with photography utilizing film… kind of like a pop quiz if you will.

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with the camera I’m using I’ve equally become more care free when I go to shoot. I don’t notice where my shutter speed or aperture are set as much (Editors Note: I still pay attention where it’s set, but don’t go to meter it for every shot if I’m in the same environment). The first photo was taken in the care free zone I was in when I saw this super condensation filled building air conditioner vent, “Oh this is dark gloomy and odd”. After taking the first shot I thought… “I have no clue what my meter was on this… lets pay attention and apply some knowledge”. 

I slowed my shutter speed, kept the same aperture, zoomed in, focused, and snap! Although I have no clue how it turned out I had that feeling like… “this is going to turn out rad”. Now… I have had that feeling in the past and the photo turned out horrible, but now I had a bit more education and could better predict the outcome.

So there you go… keep pushing, educating yourself, stay consistent/progressive until you’re personally satisfied with the outcome!

I hope you’ll go check out FOLLY x FILM that further shows my film photography progression! Cheers!


NoLifeLikeThisLife // Adventure Cam Preorder

NLLTLAdventureCamWe’re making analog photography fun again!!” – NLLTL

I love this! If you’ve never shot film before, now’s your chance to do so and support the rad people over at NLLTL.

Go to NoLifeLikeThisLife and check out more goodness with this beautiful analog film project.

Chrome Industries x Ricky Powell // Photobomb Messenger

Ricky Powell x ChromeThis is so rad!!

“After quitting his job at the frozen lemonade stall back in 1985, Ricky Powell, the self-proclaimed “”Lazy Hustler””, took his Minolta AF down the path where celebrity and debauchery meet. From Cindy Crawford in the bathroom to Andy Warhol on the streets of Brooklyn, the born and bred New Yorker is known for his uncanny ability to in the right place at the right time.

Early in his career he worked as a messenger to make ends meet, so Ricky was stoked to bomb our iconic Citizen Messenger Bag with his photos. He requested that we make the inside of the bag purple – the color of royalty and Ricky’s favorite color. A custom patch based on Ricky’s iconic hand radio is sewn inside each Photobomb Messenger Bag to commemorate this collaboration. We only produced a limited amount of these LTD Messenger Bags and when they’re gone, they’re gone.” – Chrome

Go to Chrome and check out these dope bags. I love the history behind it! ALSO… don’t neglect to check out Ricky Powell’s site and photo gallery showing off his work. Super motivated right now.