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Review // Roadrunner Bags “Lil Guy” Mini Pack

So… it’s tough to shoot a pack when you don’t have someone readily available to wear and display. But… as this pack’s name is the “Lil Guy” I thought, “ISAAC, COME WEAR THIS FOR A MINUTE”, and here we are today.

Absolutely in love with this mini pack. It’s very helpful on the trail and keeps me from either having to use a tool roll or just extra compartment space for my camera, food, beverage, etc.

This particular Lil Guy mini pack is made out of X-Pac which is waterproof and tough as nails. If I opted to bring valuables that I would prefer not to get wet and muddy (i.e. camera, film, wallet) the Lil Guy has me covered.

The Lil Guy is extremely comfortable to wear and barely noticeable when riding. There are a couple different waist compression straps that keep it in place AND with the ‘Mollee’ style webbing on the front side, it’s perfect for attaching lights or other misc. items to.

Brad is always taking simple ideas and making them great. Love his products. They have served me well time and time again.

Go to Roadrunner Bags and check out the Lil Guy Mini Pack. If you’re in need of such a device, look no further… you just found the best options.

Saw / Rode / Shot Beautiful Things

imageYesterday was one SOLID day! I caught an amazing sun rise, got to further test out this handlebar bag we are collab creating with a rad bag company (more details soon), rode the FaTRoB on some fun trails, and further develop photography skills! BAM… Ride x Create to the max!!

I hope your Wednesday was equally as eventful!

Road Runner Bags x FRED // #LIVEFREDORDIE

FL5If you know anything about the glorious privilege of Fredship x the quality of Road Runner Bags then you know this is a bad ass combo. Simple quality bags like The Fred Bag are what most people are missing on their get rad machine. I would argue that you can never have enough solid shenanigans carrying bags if you’re a Radatarian Representative, but then again, you may have just found the honey pot. Roadrunner Bags with the inspiration of Mr. Fred has made one solid little creation.

Go to Road Runner Bags and check out more on this collaboration.

AND if you have no clue who FRED is… now you know.

FL2FL1FL7(Photos from Road Runner Bags)