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State Bicycle Co. // Undefeated II

state_bicycle_co_undefeated_II_track_bike_16I’m in love with this!! I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of State Bicycle Co. In my opinion, this is big step in the right direction.

“Straight out of the box – the Undefeated II is a race ready, beast of a machine. Building upon the original Undefeated’s winning pedigree, The Undefeated II comes stock premium SRAM Omnium Cranks, Michelin Tires and Ritchey Components stock while featuring new and lighter rounded 7005 Aluminum Double Butted Tubes. The stiffened front end features a newly oversized-tapered head tube and matching Essor USA full carbon fork for superior handling and responsiveness. These new features make The Undefeated II the perfect tool for mastering fixed-gear crits. The Essor USA Bolt 31 wheelset is an added bonus – being both lightweight enough to race (1736 g) while still being durable to take a beating on the street.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. and check out more on the Undefeated II.state_bicycle_co_undefeated_II_track_bike_18

NEW // State Bicycle Co. Contender II

state_bicycle_fixie_fixed_gear_contender_30Into this photo. Into the new State Bicycle Co. Contender II.

“The all new Contender Series is more than just a makeover; it’s a smoother, lighter and more responsive machine. All the while, maintaining the elements that made this series so enduring in the first place.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. to get an inside at these bad boys/girls.


The Pulsar Got Squishy

Squishy PulsarIn 2004 I bought my first bicycle, a Trek 4600. A few months later I upgraded the cockpit, saddle, brakes, and eventually put a Fox Talas RLC on. My world would be changed forever. This was before phones were smart, Instagram was even a thought, and social media meant calling friends to grip and rip; so unfortunately those memories weren’t captured to be remembered for years to come… until this happened. All the memories from my ridding infancy came rushing back in.

As you may have read in posts below, I had an issue with the ridged fork that came equipped with the SS Pulsar and ended up getting upgraded to the RockShox 30 Gold TK State Bicycle Co. offers with their Deluxe SS Pulsar. State’s customer service is on point!!

Adding a 100mm of travel makes a HUGE difference! especially when your background for the last several years has been CX and Road. It reminded me of that first ride I took on the Trek 4600 all those years ago, smashing through rock sections and climbing like a goat. Speaking of climbing… I’ve ridden plenty of mountain bikes in the last 12 years but only rode hardtail on the very first mountain bike I owned. This has been the dumbest decision I’ve made on two wheels. I enjoy full suspension fine, but the control I have on a hardtail doesn’t even compare. Sure it’s a little more jarring, but that’s when the years of cyclocross knowledge kicks in.

  • But Matt, the Pulsar is Single Speed (SS) right?
    • Yes, this set up is, but you can order it geared if you’d like. If you want to add gearing later down the trail, the SS option comes with a derailleur hanger and is easily upgradable.
  • So how’s the SS gear ratio on the mountain?
    • Freaking great!  I recently discussed how it was way too easy on flat single-track when I rode with Team Loblolly out of Panama City, FL. Once I took it on the rocky trails of Monte Sano Mountain, North Alabama; the 32 x 18 killed it!!!
  • What would you recommend for a first time mountain bike purchaser?
    • It really depends on your riding history and/or style of riding desired.
      • CX: I LOVED the ridged set up to handle something a bit more aggressive than your normal gravel road. The full ridged offered enough cushion with the larger tires and steel frame construction to soak up larger tree roots/rocks.
      • TRAIL: The first rock section I bombed down sealed the deal for me. IN. LOVE! with smashing up and down the mountain, not even thinking of large obstacle in the trail. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the SS gearing and 100mm of travel the Deluxe SS Pulsar offers.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the State Bicycle Co. SS Deluxe Pulsar. This set up has made me fall in love with the mountain again and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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State Bicycle Co. Pulsar SS Review & Ride Recap

OK… here it goes…

It’s hard to prevent myself from venting about certain hot button topics that get under my skin when it comes to bicycle or product reviews. My goal in each item I bring to your attention is to present my transparent honesty that will help you make better educated decisions when you dedicate your hard earned money to a product I throw up here.

I have been working with State Bicycle Co. (SBCo.) for a few years now through things as simple as race sponsorships to working bicycle collaboration like the Megalith. SBCo. has been absolutely great to work with and work hard to resolve any issues that arise when working from afar. With that said, I have yet to receive a bicycle from them that was in a rideable condition. What does that mean? It means that although each SBCo. bicycle is shipped 90% assembled, it doesn’t mean adding 10% of your wrenching skills will allow you to head out the door and have fun. SBCo. mentions this with their statement “We strongly encourage having your bike professionally assembled” and I second that.

Some things you may not notice when you receive your 90% built State Bicycle is your wheels needing to be trued, checking/tightening all bolts properly, and checking welds for cracks or misalignments. You will need to have your SBCo. receive a full professional “once over” when you get it in to make sure nothing needs replaced. IF you do find something off with your new ride, State Bicycle Co. WILL expedite a quick turn around to resolve any issues. Their customer service is excellent but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice anything due to poor manufacturing. SBCo. needs to hear your unique stories (if any) to better improve their process and bring you better builds at an affordable price.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning State Bicycle Co. at all, just doing my best to set your expectations when buying a State Bicycle. Once you get your SBCo. dialed you’ll be in love. Fact.

OK… there’s the critique… now onto the AWESOME that is the SS Pulsar!!

Take any aggravation, agitation, or frustration I may have had getting the Pulsar up and riding; crumble that up, and throw it into the fire. THIS. BICYCLE. KILLS IT!!!

You know all the folks that say “Steel Is Real?” Yeah… that statement couldn’t be more true. Smooth. As. Butter!!! The weight isn’t bad at all. I bounced off of obstacles and smashed through sandy Florida single track, falling in love just a little bit more with each pedal stroke. I changed out the tires for some Kenda Small Block 8’s, swapped out the stock brake leavers for Shimano XT’s, and had to change out the front fork (for now) due to a brake mount weld misalignment. Not to worry though… the DKlein designed fork (my favorite piece of this collaboration) is already on it’s way to my front door.  Seriously folks… this is my second favorite shredsled ridden to date! One ride is all it took!!

I love the SS Pulsar due to its simplicity, cost, function, and detailed styling from Dustin Klein. For stronger riders you will need to change out the rear cog. I spun out on the way to the trail and couldn’t keep up while on the trail, but that was on mostly flat ground. I’ll give the Pulsar a go on the mountains in North Alabama before I make a decision on gearing. BUT I love that it would be that simple, just like a track ratio per say, and simple is key for me at least.

To sum all that up… I support State Bicycle Co. They’ve been great supporters of this thing I call FOLLY and have been since day one. As State Bicycle Co. goes down this road of getting more folks awesome bicycles for less money, there seems to be a drop off point that hinders quality. I don’t manufacture bicycles and have no clue what goes into that process. All I know is that on new bike day I want to grip and rip. I’m sure we can all relate to that. Cheers!

RIDE x CREATEFor product reviews, ride recaps, and updates on the State Bicycle Co. SS Pulsar gearing ratios follow along on our Instagram.

First Look // State Bicycle Co. Pulsar SS 29er

imageHOTNESS!!! That’s one word to describe it. I couldn’t be MORE. AMPED! on the State Bicycle Co. & DKlein collaboration Pulsar SS 29er. As soon as I got the Pulsar out of the box I couldn’t rip the packaging off fast enough to check out Dustin’s design brought to mountain bike. It’s so rad on so many levels, not really sure how to put it all into words.

Dustin Klein has personally inspired me for years, like many of you, to ride x create. Not letting perceived limitations get you down, and to push past the fear of the unknown… well, that’s how he has inspired me at least. To ride with THAT vibe in tact will bring a smile to my face for many pedal strokes to come. Stoked!

Now… this entry level ripper isn’t going to have all the bells and whistles, and it shouldn’t for the price tag of $649 delivered; but it does have what you need to get out, have a killer time, and look good while doing so. Some of the things I did / noticed immediately when building it up:

  • Flipped / dropped the stem (personal preference / will cut steer tube asap)
  • Super comfy but solid fork flex
  • GREAT grips that will grip heavily
  • Bike weight lighter than expected

The entry level Pulsar SS is the perfect place to start for those that don’t know what direction they really want to go with their build, OR that just want a GREAT looking entry level ridged single speed. You can upgrade with better components and suspension fork if you would prefer. State Bicycle Co. has a couple different build options on their site. I recommend checking that out. Something I will never change on my personal Pulsar is the ridged fork. Dustin’s design is just too plain good to discard.

Some things I will change out immediately (aka this week): Brakes, chain, pedals, and cog. It’s not that I’m not ok with them as they came, I just have some extra goodies laying around waiting to be used.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on the Pulsar yet… but from my initial exploratory back woods gutter sessions, I’m really into it!! Great ride all around!!

I hope you enjoyed my initial take on the State Bicycle Co. & DKlein Pulsar SS 29er collaboration thus far. Make sure to follow along on our Instagram (@createfolly) for daily inside looks with my interaction on the Pulsar. I will be posting updates and exploration recaps on this two wheeled shred sled via the blog and the GRAM for many summer months to come. In the meantime, head over to State Bicycle Co. and check out more details on the Pulsar along with all the options you have when building your own.



State Bicycle Co. x DKlein Made Somethin’ Cool

State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_25YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Absolutely in LOVE with this creation from State Bicycle Co. and Dustin Klein. So simple, clean, and just plain good!!!

“Rigid mountain bike equipped with premiere components: WTB, Rockshox SRAM, Avid, Truvative & custom design by DKLEIN. Want to ride geared? Rigged with additional cable guide hardware for easy conversion.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. to check out more details on this beauty. State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_26State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_32State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_21