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Get Yer Pugsley On!

18130008As I’m doing my best to keep calm and wait for the FOLLY x BRYANT shred sled to get finished, Matt Blevins is out thrashing on a few fresh Surly Pugsley builds he just put together. I took the opportunity to do my best at a first film product shoot. I’m ok with the outcome but looking forward to improving my film game.

181300031813000618130001181300071813000418130005These fatbikes are available for demo. If you’re in this town and want to experience some big wheeled shredding then I highly encourage you to check out Blevins Bicycle Co. to do so. Jah blessed!

Surly // Straggler

Surly Straggler

WHAT!!  Surly DISC cross ride!!  WOWZA!

“The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s got disc brakes.  Good, now that we got that out of the way let me point out a couple mroe things.” – Bob Pavlica

Go to Surly’s blog and find out more about the Straggler as well as 2 other new rides they’ve cooked up!