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SWRVE’n Be Seen

imageSimple accessories like the SWRVE Reflective Key Ring are fun. People drive like idiots and this highly reflective piece of garb will assist in keeping you seen while you bomb the streets.

– re-purposed reflective road sign reinforced with nylon webbing
– industrial strength 1.5″ stainless steel ring
– heavy duty stitching
– 9.5″ loop


SWRVE // Denim Work Jacket

SWRVE Denim Work Jacket

Sneak peak at the SWRVE Denim Work Jacket “it will be available in very limited quantities by the end of September.”  So keep your eyes peeled when it drops!  Go to SWRVE and check out more info on this sweet denim jacket as well as all the other rad products for your purchasing pleasure!!