28570025The 2015 Cannondale SuperSix Evo is the first road bike I’ve owned. It has been absolutely mind blowing to call it my own. As you can tell, I don’t own road pedals/shoes for it yet. This problem will be solved shortly.

So… this is a race bike right? From my minimal knowledge of what a race bike is, they are supposed to be stiff, uncomfortable, and aggressive. Cannondale nailed the stiff and aggressive part (both in the best ways) but left out uncomfortable. Although my stem is set up high, so the ride should be a bit more lenient, I figured this set up would still leave me beat down after a dozen miles or so. It was quite the opposite actually. I rode further, faster, longer; with more time in the drops than expected. 28570020I’ve been riding SRAM Red for a couple years now and it has been amazing! When I found out the Hi-Mod 2 only came in Shimano Dura-Ace I hesitated for half of a second. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed, but didn’t realized how much I was going to love Dura-Ace!

When I gripped the Dura-Ace hoods for the first time it was instant love! They are stunning, extremely well put together, and function like a freaking dream! For all that have been riding these amazing levers, you very well know what I’m talking about. For any thinking of switching over from SRAM… don’t hesitate!! Keep in mind that I love SRAM Red goodness on all levels. That should speak to my new found expressed love of Dura-Ace.    2857002328570014I hope you’ve enjoyed my short write up on this amazing blacked out UFO. It will continue to abduct me for many morning sun rises, afternoon hill climbing sessions, and evening sun sets. Big THANK YOU to Blevins Bicycle Co. for carrying rad brands like Cannondale! Thank you Matthew Blevins for building me such a great machine!

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**For a full photo recap on this beautiful machine, go to FOLLY x FILM. I hope you enjoy!