imageAs I continue to pursue this thing called photography I’m constantly looking at different tools to capture the vibe. I’ve been working with @fujifilm_northamerica products for a little less than a year now and am always elated with the results. You can transition from high res/very manicured images too the beautiful film’esk tones I crave. Although some purists will only shoot film photography (and I highly respect that/subscribe to that mentality), Fujifilm shooters are a GREAT alternative if the digital game is the route you’d prefer to go.

Pictured is the X-E2 that has the brains of the X-T1 but in a $500 less body. This was a huge deciding factor for me when scoping out a Fujifilm body. The X-E2 is also lighter and more compact/easier to carry during rides if you want to compare those factors. What you will give up with the X-E2 is the weather resistant seals the X-T1 offers and a couple other manual functions. I very rarely get caught in a situation requiring those ammenities so it’s a non issue for me. Also… Fuji is just now making weather resistant lenses to match the T1. Once they’re more available I could see where I’d want to switch over.

With all that being said… a question I keep asking myself is, when do I call myself a photographer? I like shooting photos. I’ve been paid and featured on dozens of web publications as a photographer. I have not sold any tangible photographs. I have not been formally trained as a photographer. Does this title come with any credentials?

The reason I’m asking these questions is, I see bazillions of folks giving themselves the title of photographer and they present what I consider sub par or way over edited products. I want to obtain the title “photographer” but I don’t know If I deserve it quite yet.

I’m not sharing all of these coffee time thoughts with you to obtain a pat on the back and a “but you are” affirmation comments, it’s just my two cents on an over used word. There are a lot of people making a lot more money than me taking photos, but from my perspective, the images are lifeless and lack the feeling a photo should have. How does that work?

Anyways, I need a caffeinated refill. Thanks for reading my coffee talk. Cheers!