22874709812_abb8821e3b_o_1024x1024YES!! I love that Topo has expanded to a full on Women’s line!!

Creating a brand is tough enough as it is. Most of us underground starters (Editors Note: Topo has been around for many moons, but started from something small.) do what will generate enough funds to keep the lights on while capturing the creative vision that started the entire endeavor to begin with. Women’s specific cut is typically on the back burner; not because women’s cut isn’t important, but because it’s not financially available to do it all. SO, to find out that TOPO has taken it to this level brings me joy. I personally have been IN LOVE with their new Chaco collab. as of late.

I hope you love this as much as I do. These are a few of the items that stood out to me.

Go to Topo Designs and check out more on this greatness.     22469816117_d8b1513db5_o_1024x102420561925912_48342f5580_o_1024x102420427824414_98ac3ecc77_o_1024x1024