Oh man… I still have a pair of Chaco’s from 15 years ago. I got out of the Chaco game a while ago but as soon as I saw they collaborated with Topo… it was a no brainer.

Alright, so when you’re traveling to a ride, race, or general shenanigan exploration sessions… what’s the first thing you want to do when you get done? Get those damn shoes off and slip into something comfy. Well, Topo knows this; Chaco is well aware; so they high-fived and said “LETS DO THIS” (editors note: paraphrasing) and here we are today.

As a Native of Denver, Colorado, I’ll never abandon my sandal wearing roots… EVER. Although I may leave on an extended sabbatical, my piggies will always crave the feeling of open air, dirt between my toes, and refreshing water from a cool creek after a hike through nature.

Honestly, in love with the bright colors and design of the Topo x Chaco ZX’s; well that along with supporting Topo Designs and long lost pals, Chaco. These will be used for more than expected. As of right now they will serve me well pre/post rides and hiking to local watering holes. Come to think of it… these will be the perfect companion on the upcoming Swift Campout overnight June 25-26. PUMPED!!!

Thanks for making great things Topo x Chaco!! I’m looking forward to enjoying these for many years to come.

If you’re into this collaboration, go to Topo Designs and check the Chaco Men’s ZX/1’s and Women’s ZX/2’s as well as apparel and backpack goodness!!