After last week I got pretty sick with what everybody’s been getting. My face won’t quit leaking. I had a pretty low mileage week because of it. I’m gaining my strength back now and ready to ride in this beautiful weather. I’ve been working part time at Blevin’s Bicycle Company helping get his business up and running. I live about 14 miles from his location so it proves to be a good commute on the Surly during the week. As I become a stronger rider I’m sure this will feel like chump change.

I’m now starting I focus on diet to drop weight while retaining strength and recovery. Each sport is a little bit different than the other to achieve this. Luckily I have some really good riders that come into the shop to help me with this. As it gets colder I’ll start to use a roller trainer to keep in shape to prepare for the spring. I still have not picked a race I want to attend. I’m sure I need to do this sooner than later. If you have any suggestions for the South East area let me know.

Miles: 53.16
Calories: 2681